Where is Castel Sant'Angelo located? | Detailed directions & best routes

Where is Castel Sant'Angelo located?

Getting to Castel Sant'Angelo by public transportation

By bus
By train
By tram
By metro

Best for: Sightseeing
Lines: 23, 115, 271, 280, 62, 982, 40, 34, 49, 190F
Travel time: 15 minutes (from the city center)
Closest bus stop: Paola, 300 m
Timings: City buses follow regular hours of operation.

  • Bus lines 115, 34, 881 and 870 stop at Paola. Additionally, line 280 has another stop near the castle, Lgt Tor Di Nona/Rondinella.
  • Different bus lines offer diverse routes, allowing you to explore Rome as you make your way to Castel Sant'Angelo. Bus tickets follow the same fare system as Rome's metro and subway.

Best for: Saving time
Travel time: 10 minutes (from the city center)
Closest train station: Roma San Pietro, 1.6 km
Timings: Trains generally run during regular city transport hours.

  • Take the train lines FL3 or FL5 and get off at Roma San Pietro, located approximately 1.3 km from Castel Sant'Angelo. It's about a 10-minute walk from the station to the castle.
  • This option provides a quick and convenient way to reach the attraction from the city center. Use your standard city transportation ticket for train travel within Rome.

Best for: Budget travel
Line: 2, 19
Travel time: 16 minutes (from the city center)
Closest tram station: Flaminio
Timings: Tram services operate within normal city transport hours.

  • Take Line 2 of the tram network in Rome and alight at Flaminio station. From there, it's a 1.6 km walk (about 20 minutes) to Castel Sant'Angelo.
  • Follow south via Flaminia on foot or by a taxi to reach the entrance of the castle. Use the same BIT tickets as for Rome's bus and metro network.

Best for: Avoiding traffic
Line: A
Travel time: 15 minutes (from the city center)
Closest metro stations: Lepanto & Ottaviano
Timings: Operates from around 5:30 AM to 11:30 PM

The closest metro stations are approximately 1.3 km away from the entrance of the castle. Metro tickets are available for various durations, including 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, and one week, offering convenience and flexibility for travelers.

Getting to Castel Sant’Angelo by car

Driving route
Parking facilities

Best for: Convenience and flexibility
Travel time: Approximately 10 minutes (from the city center)
Distance: About 3.4 kilometers.

  • From the city center, head northwest on Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando. Continue on Via Nazionale to Via Quattro Novembre.
  • Take Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and Lungotevere Tor di Nona to L.go dei Mutilati Ed Invalidi di Guerra/Piazza Adriana.
  • Turn left onto L.go dei Mutilati Ed Invalidi di Guerra/Piazza Adriana, and you will reach Castel Sant'Angelo.

There is parking available near Castel Sant'Angelo, but it can be limited and quite expensive. Rates may vary, and parking for disabled individuals should be available. Make sure to check the parking fees, operating hours, and availability in advance. Here are some parking facilities that you can check:

  • Garage Properzio Car Park: Less than 600 m away, it is also in close proximity to St. Peter's Square and Gianicolo Park and other attractions. You will, however, have to leave your keys at the car park.
  • Gran Meliá - Gianicolo: Located about 10 minutes (587 m) away from Castel Sant’Angelo, Gran Meliá - Gianicolo is a convenient option for those who wish to club their Castel Sant’Angelo visit with a tour of the Vatican.
  • The Prati Car Park: Located about 700 m from Castel Sant’Angelo, is also a stone's throw away from Piazza del Risorgimento and the Vatican City. You will need to leave your keys at the facility.

Walking to Castel Sant'Angelo

Best for: Exploring the city's charm, soaking in local vibes.
Travel time: Approximately 20 minutes (from the city center).
Distance: About 1.3 kilometers

  • To experience the city's ambiance and enjoy a pleasant stroll to Castel Sant'Angelo, begin your walk from the city center. Take in the picturesque streets, historic buildings, and the scenic views along the way.
  • Starting from the city center, make your way towards the Tiber River and follow the charming streets along Via Silla and Via Stefano Porcari. You'll soon arrive at the entrance of the castle, taking in the beauty of Rome on your journey.

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Frequently asked questions about Castel Sant’Angelo location

Where is Castel Sant’Angelo located?

Castel Sant'Angelo is situated on the right bank of the Tiber River, offering breathtaking views of the Tiber and the Vatican. The address for Castel Sant'Angelo is Lungotevere Castello, 50, 00193 Roma RM, Italy. It stands opposite the Vatican, creating a stunning juxtaposition between history and religion.

What city is the Castel Sant'Angelo in?

Castel Sant'Angelo is situated in the vibrant city of Rome, Italy. The castle stands proudly, providing visitors with not only a glimpse into its own storied past but also a stunning panoramic view of Rome's timeless beauty.

What are the different ways to reach Castel Sant’Angelo?

You can reach Castel Sant'Angelo by various means, including by taking the metro to Lepanto or Ottaviano stations, using trams to Flaminio, or opting for city buses with stops near the castle. Additionally, walking from nearby landmarks is a popular option for exploring the historic city on foot.

How do I get to Castel Sant'Angelo by train?

The nearest train stations to Castel Sant'Angelo are Ottaviano and Lepanto, both on Line A, each approximately 1.3 km away.

Which the closest train station to Castel Sant’Angelo?

Roma San Pietro is the closest station to Castel Sant'Angelo. It is 22 minutes away. 

How do I get to Castel Sant'Angelo by bus?

Various bus lines, including 23, 34, 40, 62, and 280, stop at Piazza Pia/Castel S. Angelo, which is close to the attraction. Line 280 also has another stop near the Castle at Lgt Tor Di Nona/Rondinella.

Which is the closest bus stop to Castel Sant’Angelo?

The closest bus stop is Piazza Pia. Castel Sant’Angelo is a 5-minute walk from here. 

How can I get to Castel Sant’Angelo via light rail?

You can reach Castel Sant'Angelo via light rail by taking tram line 2. The closest station to Castel Sant'Angelo is Flaminio, which is a 20-min walk away.

Are parking facilities available at Castel Sant'Angelo?

Unfortunately, there is no parking space at Castel Sant'Angelo. However, there are many reasonably-priced paid car parks within a 10-minute walking distance.

How far is Castel Sant'Angelo from Colosseum?

Castel Sant'Angelo is located in the Lungotevere Vaticano area of Rome, while the Colosseum is situated in the historic center of the city. The approximate walking distance between these two iconic attractions is approximately 2.9 kilometers, and it would take around 36 minutes on foot to traverse this distance. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to explore the charming streets of Rome, taking in its rich history and architecture.

How far is St Peter’s Basilica from Castel Sant'Angelo?

St Peter's Basilica is only 140 meters from the Castel Sant’Angelo. It will only take you 9 minutes to walk between these two attractions. This short distance makes it convenient to visit both of these famous attractions in a single trip while exploring the heart of Rome.

Is Castel Sant'Angelo close to the Vatican City?

Yes, Castel Sant'Angelo is only 1.5 km away from the Vatican City. In fact, there is a 800-meter-long secret passage called the Passetto di Borgo that links the Vatican City with the Castel Sant'Angelo.