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Castel Sant'Angelo | Historic Mausoleum and Fortress

Castel Sant'Angelo is a mausoleum-turned-museum that has existed since the 2nd century. Learn how parts of the same building served as living quarters for the Pope, a fortress, and even a prison! Discover the secret Vatican connection and savor panoramic Rome views from the castle terrace. Plan your visit to this iconic Roman attraction with a variety of ticket options and extensive visitor information.

Why visit Castel Sant'Angelo?

Castel Sant'Angelo
  • A multifaceted fortress: Walk through real castle-moats, secret passageways to Vatican City, and the feared dungeons of Roman history.
  • Trace Rome's transformation: From the opulent Papal apartments and tombs of Roman Kings to ancient cannons and a 1,900-year history, Castel Sant'Angelo mirrors Rome's legendary past.
  • Visionary & poetic artistry: See Raphael-inspired art, Michelangelo's architecture of Pope's chapel, and a Raphael-designed toilet, all in one place.
  • "Angels and Demons" connection: Decode mysteries and visit locations from Dan Brown's novel during the "Angels and Demons Tour."
  • Terrace views: Experience mesmerizing sunset views of Rome's skyline and Saint Peter's Basilica, featured as the backdrop in Puccini's opera "Tosca."
  • Angel-adorned bridge: Savor a picturesque setting along the Tiber River, with angel statues on Ponte Sant'Angelo creating a unique ambiance.

Things to know before buying Castel Sant' Angelo tickets

  • Considering the immense historical significance of the site and crowd-pull, its advisable to explore the interior with either a guided tour or the reserved entrance tickets. You get to skip the lines and have an expert guide share the castle's intriguing history.
  • Note that all tickets are timed, so arrive promptly to ensure entry.
  • Get your tickets for the sunset slot to enjoy a gorgeous sunset view of Rome from the terrace. Grab a quick delicious refreshment at the Castel’s restaurant while you’re there. 
  • Some areas, like the Historical Prisons, may be unsuitable for children under 12 years, due to worn out historical features and uneven terrain. Plan your visit accordingly if you have young children.
  • Leverage Castel Sant'Angelo's proximity to the Vatican Museums. Combine your visit with Saint Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel by purchasing discounted combo tickets.
  • Consider a Roma pass if you are on a Rome tour, you can access the Castel for free with the same.
  • Brown fans, there’s Angels & Demons guided tour that will let you solve mysteries with an English-speaking historian guide.

Which Castel Sant’Angelo tickets is best for you?

Combo (Save 5%): Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel + Castel Sant'Angelo Priority Access Tickets

If you are on a budget

Go for: Skip-the-line tickets
Duration: Flexible
Guide access: Audio guide included

  • Affordable entry tickets cater to budget travelers. Opt for audio guides available in Italian, English, Spanish, French & German to explore the museum in-depth at your own pace.
  • Combo tickets is an economical investment to maximize on your Rome experience and save on entry costs for multiple iconic attractions.

Recommended tickets:
Reserved Entrance Tickets
Combo (Save 5%): Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel + Castel Sant'Angelo Priority Access Tickets

Castel Sant'Angelo Ticket

If you are short on time

Go for: Express guided tour
Duration: 1 hour
Guide access: Yes

  • Expert guides ensure you see the highlights, sharing valuable insights along the way, thus, maximizing your visit in an efficient manner.
  • A quick guided tour helps you stay on schedule, skip lines and save time with fast-track entry.

Recommended tickets:
Express Guided Tour of Castel Sant’Angelo

Castel Sant'Angelo Ticket

If you want to explore in-depth

Go for: Special access tour
Duration: 2- 3 hours
Guide access: Yes

  • These tickets grant you access to exclusive areas and offer a more thorough exploration. Visit intriguing spots like Oliare, Historical Prisons, Leo X courtyard, and Clemente VII Theatre.
  • Well-informed guides provide context and share fascinating anecdotes, making your visit an immersive journey into the depths of Castel Sant'Angelo.

Recommended tickets:
Special Access English Tour of Castel Sant'Angelo

If you're history & mystery enthusiast

If you're history & mystery enthusiast

Go for: Angels & demons tours
Duration: 4-5 hours
Guide access: Yes

  • Step into the shoes of Robert Langdon (of Dan Brown’s best-selling novel) on this tour.
  • Go down the Path of Illumination and come face-to-face with the Altars of Science: St. Maria del Popolo Church, St. Peter's Square, St. Maria Della Vittoria Church, and Piazza Navona.

Recommended tickets:
The Official Angels & Demons Tour

Discounted tickets: Children of 18 years and below get free admission.
Cancellation Policy: The ticket cannot be canceled, amended, or rescheduled. 

Explore Castel Sant'Angelo

Castel Sant'Angelo

Wander through the labyrinth

A labyrinth of numerous courtyards, stately halls, the Castel Sant’Angelo has features 6 levels connected by a 400-meter spiral ramp. The castle has 58 rooms, most of which are now on display to the visitors. The remains of the original mausoleum are visible in the lower parts of the building, as are the ancient Roman walls and reconstructed rooms.

Castel Sant'Angelo Ticket

The Papal Apartments

The rooms that served as the Papal residence boast of ceramics, sculptures, and perfectly preserved frescoes from the Renaissance period. The Courtyard of the Angel gives you access to the apartments, where the bronze statue of the Archangel Michael, sculpted by Michelangelo apprentice, Raffaelo da Montelupo, stands.

Castel Sant'Angelo terrace

The Terrace

The fifth floor of Castel Sant'Angelo opens to a beautiful viewing terrace. The terrace acted as the setting for the last act of Puccini's opera ‘Tosca’ where the heroine throws herself off the roof after her lover is executed. From here you get a panoramic view of Rome. Snag a table at the rooftop cafe to enjoy a meal with a view. 

Castel Sant'Angelo brdge

Ponte Sant’Angelo

Hadrian ordered a bridge that would connect his mausoleum to the city on the other side of the Tiber to be built. Named originally as Pons Aelius, the bridge took on the name Ponte Sant'Angelo. Sculptures of angels, inspired by the designs of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, adorn the bridge. You also get a scenic view of Castel Sant'Angelo from here.

Mausoleum of Hadrian
Prisons and Dungeons

Prisons and Dungeons

The prisons and dungeons at Castel Sant'Angelo hold a dark and historical significance. These underground chambers have witnessed various events throughout Rome's history, from imprisonments to clandestine meetings. Visitors can explore these spaces to gain insights into the castle's intriguing and often somber past.

Angel & Statues

Angel & Statues

Angel statues are prominent features of Castel Sant'Angelo. These sculptures, inspired by Gian Lorenzo Bernini's designs, adorn both the castle and Ponte Sant'Angelo, creating a unique and angelic atmosphere. These angel statues contribute to the castle's association with angels in Roman history and add to its architectural and artistic allure.

Renaissance Frescoes

Renaissance Frescoes

Renaissance frescoes inside Castel Sant'Angelo showcase the artistic heritage of the Renaissance period in Italy. These exquisite wall paintings and artworks, preserved in the Papal Apartments, offer a glimpse into the cultural and artistic brilliance of the era. They provide a visual journey through the Renaissance's creative and intellectual achievements.

Plan Your Visit to Castel Sant’Angelo

Rules & Tips
Castel Sant'Angelo Ticket
Girl inside the bus
  • Photography permission: Capture your favorite moments freely; photography and videography are allowed throughout Castel Sant'Angelo. Respect any areas where photography may be restricted for preservation reasons.
  • Toilets: Locate the toilets on the bridge side of the castle and the cafe on the upper terrace. Plan restroom breaks strategically during your visit.
  • Disabled access: While access for visitors with disabilities is limited, there are ramps and clear signs indicating barrier-free routes. Wheelchairs can only reach the fifth floor via a special elevator.
No touching
  • Respectful behavior: Visitors are expected to behave respectfully, both toward the historical site and fellow visitors. This includes refraining from loud noises and disruptive behavior.
  • No touching: Avoid touching or handling artifacts, sculptures, and frescoes within the castle to preserve these historical treasures.
  • No eating or drinking: Kindly be aware that as you explore this museum, eating or drinking is not permitted inside.
  • Bring ID: Carry your official ID with you at the time for entry.
  • Security checks: Large bags, backpacks, and umbrellas are not allowed inside. Opt for a small handbag within the size limit (40 x 40 centimeters).
  • Comfortable footwear: Wear comfortable shoes, especially if you plan to explore the terrace for panoramic views. The castle has different levels, and comfortable footwear ensures an enjoyable visit through the varying terrains.
  • Weather preparedness: Rome can have varying weather. Bring sunscreen, a hat, and a water bottle, especially during warmer months.
  • Caffetteria Ristorante Le Terrazze Castel Sant’Angelo: Enjoy a delightful coffee with views of Rome within the castle itself.
  • Scialla: Located near Parco Adriana, this spot, 800 m, offers a variety of pizza flavors for a quick pick-me-up after your visit.
  • La Salumeria: The restaurant, 280 m away. is run by incredibly earnest staff serving Italian, Mediterranean, Healthy, Sicilian & Southern-Italian cuisine.
  • Borghiciana Artisan Pasta Factory: Suitable for vegetarians with vegan options available. Enjoy authentic Italian and Mediterranean dishes at this local favorite only 550 m away.

Hotel Sweet Home, 5.3 km; Hotel Labelle, 4.3 km

NH Collection Roma Giustiniano, 800 m; Hotel La Rovere, 700 m

Hotel Vilon, 1 km; The First Roma Arte, 1.5 km

  • Pantheon Rome: Former temple, and now, church, the Roman Pantheon is one of the best-preserved ancient Roman buildings. 
  • Piazza Navona: Visit the beautiful baroque square where Bernini's Fountain of the Four Rivers stands.
  • St. Peter’s Basilica: Only 140 meters away is the magnificent St. Peter's Basilica church is one of the most renowned works of Renaissance architecture. 
  • Sistine Chapel: View the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel that are considered to be a cornerstone of Renaissance art.
  • Colosseum: Visit the ancient Roman Colosseum has withstood the test of time and natural disasters.
  • Roman Forum: Visit the ruins of several important ancient government buildings at the Roman Forum.
  • Borghese Gallery: Admire collections by Caravaggio, Raphael, Titian, Bernini, and Canova among others at Borghese Gallery.

Frequently asked questions about Castel Sant’Angelo tickets

What is the starting price of Castel Sant'Angelo tickets?

The standard Castel Sant'Angelo ticket prices start at €19.5. The starting price of Castel Sant'Angelo tickets varies depending on the type of ticket and any discounts that may apply. Prices can change over time, so it's recommended to check the specific ticket details.

How to book tickets to the Castel sant'Angelo?

You can book tickets to Castel Sant'Angelo through authorized ticket platforms, or at the ticket counter on-site. Booking online in advance is recommended to secure preferred dates and times, especially during peak seasons.

Why should I book Castel sant'Angelo tickets online?

Booking Castel Sant'Angelo tickets online offers the advantage of skipping long lines at the ticket counter, securing your preferred date and time of entry, and often accessing discounts or special offers not available when purchasing tickets on-site. It provides a convenient and time-saving way to plan your visit to this historic site.

What do Castel sant'Angelo tickets include?

The exact inclusions of Castel Sant'Angelo tickets may vary depending on the type of ticket you purchase. However, a typical Castel Sant'Angelo ticket generally includes access to the castle itself, which allows you to explore its various levels, courtyards, and terraces. Some tickets may also include guided tours or access to specific areas within the castle, so it's important to check the details when booking to understand the specific inclusions of the ticket you choose.

Are Castel Sant’Angelo tickets refundable?

The Skip-the-line tickets cannot be canceled, amended, or rescheduled. The Castel Sant Angelo Skip-the-Line Ticket with an Audioguide and Angels & Demons tickets can be canceled up to 24 hours before the schedule for a full refund.

Are discounts available on Castel Sant'Angelo tickets?

Children below the age of 18 enjoy discounts on all tickets. EU-Adults between the ages of 18-25 enjoy reduced pricing on Combo tour tickets. Carry valid ID for proof.

What are the opening hours for Castel Sant’Angelo?

Castel Sant'Angelo's opening hours from Tuesday to Sunday are 9 AM to 7:30 PM, with the last admission at 6:30 PM. Closed on Mondays, January 1st, May 1st, and December 25th.

Is Castel Sant'Angelo open or closed on public holidays?

Castel Sant'Angelo is closed on January 1st, May 1st, and December 25th.

Do my Castel Sant’Angelo tickets include skip-the-line access?

The inclusion of skip-the-line access in your Castel Sant'Angelo tickets depends on the type of ticket you purchase. While some tickets, especially those labeled as "skip-the-line" tickets, offer this feature, not all tickets may include it. It's important to carefully read the ticket details when booking to ensure that skip-the-line access is part of your chosen ticket package. If skip-the-line access is a priority for you, be sure to select the appropriate ticket option when making your reservation.

Do children enjoy free entry?

Children below the age of 18 can enter for free with the Skip-The-Line Castel Sant’Angelo tickets, while children below 5 years of age enjoy free entry if you opt for the audio guide tour.

Where is Castel Sant'Angelo located?

Castel Sant'Angelo is situated in Rome, Italy, on the right bank of the Tiber River. It is located near Vatican City and is easily accessible from various parts of the city.

Is the Castel Sant’Angelo wheelchair accessible?

No, Castel Sant’Angelo is not wheelchair accessible.

Are guided tours available for Castel Sant'Angelo?

Opt for the Demons & Angels tours, or the combo tours if you would prefer a guided tour. The Skip-the-Line with audio guide Castel Sant'Angelo tickets is also a great option if you would prefer to explore the castle at your own pace.